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How would you like your Java? Sunny or Googly?

Whatever little bit I read about recently held JavaOne 2006, the biggest news undoubtedly was created by the man at the helm himself. Whole world (well almost complete Java Developer's community) waited with baited breath as Sun Microsystem's new CEO Jonathan Schwartz raised the issue about Java being open sourced and then left it open!

There are those who love its being open sourced, those who hate its being open sourced and those who simply don't care now and won't care about its getting open sourced till they come up against any compatibility issue or something that really makes using Java simpler or better or both (Imagine an integrated AJAX-like API in Java6.0!)

Apart from that the conference was buzzing loud (again this is what my RSS Feeds have told me!) with chatter about new Frameworks, Web 2.0 (O'Reilly please don't send me a legal notice for using that term!) and obviously AJAX. And due to all this 'new stuff' there was another question: Has J2… : Online word-processor

If you remember Google Calendar that was released some time back, and if you have read my review to that, you will recall that I said that there is nothing so special about this apart from the power of sharing your calendar with your friends. Now the new crop of online word-processors comes armed with this concept. Sharing! So now you don’t have to save any file in your online briefcase or mail it to yourself or your friend to keep it safe and accessible from anywhere. This is more or less similar to what did in the area of managing and saving bookmarks. No dependence or boundation to a single system! I have still not been able to use Writely, now acquired by Google, and as usual there is a wait period involved. But I got to lay my hands on another free online word-processor!

Writeboard allows you to create any file (called writeboard) and associate a password to it. Now you can invite your friends to collaborate on this writeboard through ‘Invite Frie…