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Sun Tech Days 2008 - Day 1 Disappoints!

This was 10th anniversary of Sun Tech Days and expectations were running understandably very high. Having attended the event last year, I was expecting higher standards both in content as well as event organization.

HICC's 5000 capacity hall is huge and I still remember the last year's keynote which had entire hall packed and still people were standing. But this year the keynote took place in only Hall 3 and 4 combined (entire hall is composed of 4 halls), which is nearly 60% of the entire hall. Was the attendance this low this year?

Address by Sun India CTO Divyeshwar Shah was ok, but it was Rich Green, EVP Sun Microsystems, whom everyone was waiting for. And was the person on stage really Rich Green I have heard about? This person seemed to be some marketing guy from Sun Microsystems who showed marketing slides about almost ALL Sun products! What a yawn!

Technology demos were tiresome, stale and unimpressive! Snow and rain effects on Solaris desktop and creating an application …