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Maintaining session when using DWR

DWR (Direct Web Remoting) provides an amazingly convenient approach to AJAX and the best thing is that it is so easy to implement.

When I was using DWR, I got a little confused about maintaining session, since most of the examples available used POJO/bean to implement java code which was then sent back to javascript.

In my application, an arraylist (formList) was maintained in session. I had to use DWR to show the details about this arraylist on the JSP.

In the java class being used by DWR, I needed to pass the session from calling JSP. DWR gives this in a surprisingly easy way!

JSP snippet:
<button onclick="getProperties(id);">Click! </button>

In the javascript:

function getProperties(id) {
DwrUtility.getDetails(paneId, function(data) {
}); }

In the Java class:

public String getDetails(String menuId, HttpSession session){
int paneId=Integer.parseInt(menuId);
ArrayList formList=(ArrayList)session.getAttribute("FormsList");
String paneD…