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Using GIT with BitBucket (or any other remote repository)

It is quite simple. Follow this link to install and setup GIT:
Do not create a new repository in BitBucket, as we already have couple of repositories. Do your operations on any of the two existing repositories.
How to use the GIT UI:
After cloning ‘web-app’ repository I get the ‘web-app’ folder on my machine. Initially it is empty since there is no source code. I added a file ‘Read Me.txt’

If I right-click on the file and select ‘Git GUI’. It will prompt me to select between ‘Creating a new repository’, ‘Importing/Cloning a new repository’, ‘Opening an existing repository’.
Since we already have a repository created, select ‘Opening an existing repository’. Give the directory of ‘web-app’ folder (the folder which contains .git file).
In GIT, checkin is a 2-step process: We need to add file to staging area and then add to commit.

Select the ‘Read Me.txt’:
Select Commit->Stage to Commit:

Give a commit message:

This will commit t…

Using Twitter search API in Java

If you are reading this, I assume you are aware about Twitter APIs. If you are new to this API, I suggest you read the API documentation (which is quite good BTW!)

This simple program of mine uses Twitter search API to get "positive" tweets for a search string. It aims to retrieve all the search results (tweets) and hence has to make multiple calls to REST API, for which it uses max_id (explained later).

Let me give an overview of all the request parameters that we have specified in the URL (Twitter API URL):

q=%23SearchString: #SearchString count=100: Number of tweets you want the API to return in one call.include_entities=false: Exclude details of entities in the JSON response. You can set it to true if you want.max_id: Since we want more than 100 tweets, we are invoking the API multiple times and giving the id of last tweet returned in previous invocation as 'max_id' and asking Twitter to give 100 tweets prior to this tweet. e.g. First call returned tweets with Twe…