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[Deployer:149164]The domain edit lock is owned by another session in exclusive mode - hence this deployment operation cannot proceed.

If ever you see this error while starting an application in Jdev, you can perform following steps:

1. Go to admin console of the integrated weblogic:
2. Login to server console by using default username/password which would be weblogic/weblogic1.
3. On successful login just click the button on the upper left corner where you can activate pending changes or discard pending changes. This would resolve the issue.

If however you are not able to logon to the weblogic console do either of these steps:
a) Go to Jdeveloper installation directory. Search for *.lok files and delete them.
b) If you find nothing in the above directory goto C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\JDeveloper directory and delete edit.lok file.

This will definitely resolve your issue.