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Funny typo on Yahoo! India

This must be the silliest typo. But it was outright funny.

Saw this error on Yahoo India on 25th August'08.

Why should you edit your photos?

In my initial phase of digital photography, I was one of those who believe that editing an image is cheating the viewer. I took pride in my untouched photos and thought it was upto me to take a good shot each time I clicked the button and editing should not substitute my abilities as a photographer.

To some extent, I was correct. Technology should not, actually it can not, substitute my abilities as a photographer, however it can take my photos to a higher level. And if you thought touching your photos is 'cheating', consider having an orchestra at your command but you insist on using just the synthesizer! A digital photo is like creating music, a note here, a symphony there and you come up with a completely new tune. Similarly a little deeper tint, a little brightness and your photo can become a piece of art.

Composition is a very important aspect of taking a photo, one which can affect the perspective of your photo like no other. Sometimes it is not in your control to place yo…

How to upload a file using JSP/Servlets

This short article describes how to upload a file using Apache Jakarta commons upload library.

1) Required downloads: Download the library from here. Keep the following JAR files in classpath: commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar and commons-io-1.4.jar.

2) JSP/HTML code: To upload a file you need to set the encoding type in your form to multipart/form-data.

Give your users a file-select box to select the file :
input type="file" name="myFile" width="100"
You will most probably have other form fields like textbox, radio buttons etc. We have one text field with name 'user' in this form:
input maxlength="255" size="40" name="user"

3) Form data handling: Now you have sent the file and other form data, now we need to make use of this form data. Most probably you need to save the file at some location on the server.
One problem that many developers face is getting a null when they try to extract the value in form fields using request.getP…