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Gtalk 'Labs Edition' launched

After toying a lot with IM features in GMail and Google Desktop Gtalk Gadget, Google finally released new version of Gtalk, named 'Gtalk Labs Edition'. This is second release of popular IM client which has given Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and MSN Messenger a run for their money. The success was due to extremely light weight size, a clean and easy interface and simplicity in use.

All of these features seem to be on their way out, if Labs edition is any indicator. I remember the earliest version of Gtalk was 900 kb. The one I have got installed is 3.5 MB. Labs edition is more than 8 MB. However install is still very fast and simple as compared to any other IM client. The interface seems a little crowded but still is passable!

Most of the features of Gtalk Desktop gadget have been incorporated in this version. So you have group chat, tabbed conversations and what I wanted most: good smilies :) There is tighter integration with Orkut and Calendar and you can even
snooze Calendar notificat…