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Hadoop for beginners, by a beginner (Part 1) - Using Cloudera Quickstart VM

So you have read white papers, blogs and even some books on what is Big Data and how it is transforming world by giving us insights into the data usage through advanced analytical strategies. You might also have read about Hadoop and Map/Reduce.

But now what? How do you begin? Theory is not going to cut it, right? You want to get your hands dirty and write some code and setup some clusters, right? Right. So let's start.

Admittedly, Hadoop is intimidating. Apart from having a plethora of software (first of all, you need a Linux box!) you also need to have a 'cluster' of machines because Hadoop running on one machine is not really what a real life Hadoop installation looks like. As a beginner you would like to quickly write a 'Hello World' of Hadoop rather than setting up environment.

Easiest way to start instantly is using Cloudera's Quickstart VM for Hadoop.(Cloudera is one of the three biggest Hadoop distributors). First of all we need to install a virtualiza…