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Online Privacy on Orkut

Everyone has got a story of how their long forgotten friend from school/college/ last-to-last-to-last-to-last company met them on Orkut after so many years!

And undoubtedly Indians are a sizable community on Orkut. But is Orkut taking shape of another MySpace which has already turned into a ready-to-use database of information for cyber crimes?

How to keep safe on Orkut? Follow these simple guidelines!

Don't make your profile a goldmine for spammers and scamsters!
Guys, guys, guys! When will you understand that keeping your mobile number as part of your Name won't lead to more girls calling you? Neither your email-id help in getting you more friend requests! The only people who will love to have your contact information are spammers and telecallers. So give your mobile numbers and email ids in your profile and you can expect more spam in your mail box and more useless calls on your phone. This is just the tip of iceburg. Imagine other nasty uses of email-id and phone number and yo…