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Showing posts from May, 2008

Google's new browser icon!

Suddenly I saw that Google's now familiar 'G' icon has been replaced by 'g'. And it looks better actually!
I don't want to read more into it but I am very sure there will be much talk about it in blogosphere.

Site search within Google Search Results page

Just saw another feature on Google search results page. I searched for LonelyPlanet and the first result which usually gives bunch of options related to a result, now shows another option: search that site from results page directly.

I repeated the experiment with National Geographic and Discovery Channel and got the search box, but it didn't appear for BBC, Rediff, Hindustan Times, TCS, Animal Planet and Al Jazeera.

Is it only for travel and wildlife sites?

Yahoo! shows new way of showing search results. Thumbs Up!

Yahoo! has launched a new interface for showing search results. They call it Glue Page and it is displayed in a tabbed page along side normal 'Classic Search' page.
Glue Page gives a 'portal' look to the search results with images, videos, news, wikipedia entry, Yahoo! Answers and ofcourse search results.

I like it, if you are looking for information on any current issue, you get everything well arranged. It's like 'Special' or 'In-Depth' feature given by news sites and much better than many of them.

And if you want to give it a try go to Yahoo! India search.