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Glassfish v3 Uninstall!

Glassfish v3 seems to have a few rough edges, but this seemed to be funniest. A test page that someone forgot to remove, may be!

YSR's death becomes major Twitter topic

Andhra Pradesh (India) Chief Minister Dr. Y S R Rajashekhar Reddy's unfortunate death in a chopper crash on 3rd September reached up to 3rd rank on the Trending Topics on Twitter for a while before getting back to 4th where it stayed for long.

I would hesitate to attribute this spurt to swelling number of Twitter users in India because there are lot of Telugu people in US as well.

Reliance Energy allies with Google

Reliance Energy is the only Indian company among select few in the world, which have been announced as first allies for Google's PowerMeter project. (source: Engadget)

PowerMeter will help you monitor your power consumption on your home PC. I don't know if they would ship Itron's meters here in India also or any other local manufacturer (Reliance's existing vendor most probably) will be given license to use Google's software.

Whatever happens, this is a news worth watching.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed \uxxxx encoding

I was getting this exception during build while running ant. Googling didn't help much and I was flummoxed because the same code was running fine till now.

My code reads a text file and does some operations on the basis of values read. It was only when I saw the text files I understood the error. I had copied the text in wordpad and saved it as .txt file. Wordpad had put lot of formatting information before and after the content. Also there was "\par" after every line, which was giving this error.

So moral of the story: if you get this exception check your properties file (or any other file that your code might be reading.)

Exporting Hyperion Planning artifacts using Shared Services

If you have made a Hyperion Planning application you can migrate the definition of any of the artifacts (dimensions, rules, variables, composite forms) you may have created.

Open the application from the applications' list. This lists all the major categories of artifacts. Click on 'Global Artifacts'. This shows the artifacts I mentioned above and which are of interest to us.

Each of the artifacts further act as subcategories, e.g. under Common Dimensions we have Attribute Dimensions and Standard Dimensions. 'Composite Forms' lists the forms according to their folders.

You can select all the artifacts you want to 'migrate' and click on 'Define Migration button. I selected the Composite Forms.
A popup will ask you if you want to include dependent dimensions. I checked the checkbox and all the dimensions which were used in those composite forms were also migrated. If you don't want the dimensions, don't select it.

Next screen asks you if you want to mi…