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Will Google Video go the Yahoo Photos way?

Being in a product development company, I can very well understand the emotions and fears developers undergo when their company goes ahead and buys out their biggest competitor which overshadows the product these guys were working on!

So in this sense, Yahoo Photos developers must be bit relaxed now, that Yahoo has finally decided to lay it to rest. Yahoo has decided to march ahead in photo management arena with Flickr which it bought long back and which it has been trying to position in photo management as well as community networking segments. Flickr had generated a lot of buzzword and gained a lot many eyeballs as soon as it was launched, with its theme of 'sharing' and extensive use of tagging concept. Somehow Yahoo Photos had started losing steam and even its albums though lot more intuitive and familiar seemed outdated as compared to Flickr tags!

But now I am speculating about the future of Google Videos. Now that Big G has in its kitty the Big Y (YouTube, YouMoron!), does it really make sense for them to support two video sites? Already Google has started listing YouTube videos along side its Google Video content for search results. (OK, I agree that doesn't give anything, but didn't I say that I am speculating) YouTube is already mired in controversies over lawsuits. It is very much possible that they will have to remove a lot of content from YouTube and may be Google Videos, so rather than having two depleted sites competing with each other, why not have one to rule the roost? In other scenario, if Google pays the money to claimants, again it makes sense to continue with one big player, and my vote for existence goes to YouTube.

But didn't I say, I am just speculating?


Vaibhav said…
No Idea what was the use of it. may be covering some other market. And I guess they are removing many materials from youtube.

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