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Gtalk and Twitter integration. Anyone?

I think before we woke up to Twitter, status messages in GTalk were (and are still are) the easiest way to spread a message, show off some geeky/cheesy/funny/wise quote or post your blog link for others to see without pushing it!

Now my Twitter is connected to my Facebook and when I post anything on Twitter, my Facebook status is updated.

But I still post blog/photo links in my gtalk status message and so do many of my contacts. So I was thinking yesterday if there is some mechanism which would let me post to Twitter as well. Just imagine, how cool it will be. I write something in Gtalk status message and that is posted on twitter and that goes to Facebook!

Now does Google provide an API which would let export/import status from GTalk status? Or do you know any such mechanism?


@nkur said…
Good point.
There was also a time when twitter allowed u to tweet from within gtalk (early 2008) and then the feature died...they didn't revive that!
Of course it was a bit different 'coz twitter id would be added to your gtalk as friend.
Abhishek said…
That feature was picked up by others like Yammer.
msr said…
you could put together a firefox add-on. probably there is one.
Selenium said…
You must have noticed already...
Google has made a new Application on Gtalk called "Buzz".

It feels so much like twitter.

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