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Microsoft enhances Windows Live Services

Microsoft has been sprucing its services lately, though things are yet a little patchy and at times they simply won't work!

I saw a nice feature in Live Mail today. If you get a .mp3/.wma file as an attachment, you can directly play the file from your inbox. Live Mail shows a play-pause-volume toolbar in the message. I don't know if it works for other media formats as well.

I just wish they could make the actions a bit faster. Switching views (like moving from Inbox to Sent to Folders) is much slower than GMail or Yahoo! Mail.And why was it showing a mail from as phishing attempt? That message didn't even ask me to login anywhere!

If you are using, then you can select many more gadgets which are available in Live Gallery. Microsoft seems to be positioning Live as a one stop shop for all the users of MSN Space, and Vista users who have got Sidebar on their desktops. However the number of gadgets is still much lesser as compared to Google's collection.

And perhaps you can also share your feed collection on Gallery. But I have not been able to do this. Each time I try to publish my setting Gallery shows an error!

Read in Economic Times that MS is increasing the Google War Chest! God help them.


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