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Office Online: Away from the headlines!

If you have been singing praises of Google for Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Calendar, I would recommend that you test other options as well. Hailed by (First online calendar service, that went out of business and ultimately put itself for sale on Amazon, and hence created more news than they ever did while still in business!) as the reason they were outdone. It may not be 'your life', but still a good for everything service. You can add entries, search through them, share with your friends ('buddies'), subscribe in Google, Yahoo etc. There is even a 'webtop' (looks pretty much same as the Goowy webtop) Ah, this is something I am in real love with! If you are sharing flat with other roommates, or sharing the expenses of your sunday dinner with 5 other colleagues or have been exchanging novels with friends and find it a little incovenient to keep a track of who-has-to-pay-how-much-to-whom and who-spent-how-much-on-which-day this site is Godsent for you. Very well designed, this site gives you enough flexibility to manage these transactions with amazing ease. You can coordinate with your partners also and any loans/borrowings will be updated in the accounts of all the people party to expenditure. Try it out atleast once! Highest Recommendation! They seem to have a one-point-agenda, kill Office through Office! So what you have here is an application that lets you create slideshows, word documents and spreadsheets in an interface and featureset which is a photocopy of Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel. You can save your files online or on desktop. You can upload files and edit them and save on desktop/webtop. It could be a little slow at times, as java applet is little heavy and takes time to start, but once started it is a breeze!


@nkur said…
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@nkur said…
Another good site is by developers based out of India
Vaibhav said…
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Vaibhav said…
Hey I used to use Google SpreedSheet, but due to complex calculation and some complex formula which Google spreedSheet is not supporting, I moved to ThinkFree. So far, so good !

Forget to mention I am using it for Ghar ka hisab !

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